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Welcome to Josna Speech & Hearing Clinic

Josna Speech and Hearing Clinic is run by professionals with the latest know-how and advanced technology. The Clinic offers timely diagnosis and remedy for every speech, language and communication disorder. It provides speech and hearing solutions that bring back the joy of sound to those with hearing loss or speech-language impairment. The Audiology Department is specially constructed with sound-proof setting with the most modern technology to assess hearing problems.

Since we have been coming to Josna Centre, we have had very good results. I am receiving excellent benefits with my new hearing aids. We are very happy with the results. Team was very thorough and knew just the right king of hearing aids I needed. My family is very comfortable and happy too.
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9am - 5.30pm
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Josna Speech and Hearing Clinic<
Joseph Arcade,2nd Floor, (Indian Coofee House Building).
Near Maharani Theatre,Pala, Kerala, India